Our Location

Powerbull Bat Co. is headquartered in El Paso, Texas. We moved our operation and offices to El Paso in late 2018. We wanted to be as close as possible to our roots in Mexico, with the ability to produce our bats in the United States. Some people might be surprised to learn that Powerbull Bat Company is based in El Paso. But to us, there is no better place to call home. Powerbull Bat Co. has its origin crafting wood baseball bats near Chihuahua, Mexico. But as demand increased it became necessary to be in the United States where we buy our raw materials. It is here where we begin the next chapter of Powerbull Bat Company.

El Paso, Texas, known for its genuine people, great food and tasty margaritas has a rich history of baseball too. Beginning at the turn of the century, the railroad leagues of the early 1900’s began what would be a love affair with America’s game in El Paso. Today, baseball in El Paso is thriving from youth leagues and travel teams to The El Paso Chihuahuas, the AAA affiliate of the San Diego Padres. In fact, our facilities are just a long home run away (6 minute walk) from Southwest University Park in downtown El Paso. Next time you visit our great city, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to show you our facility and maybe even craft a bat just for you while you’re here.

Powerbull Bat Company has created a unique experience for players of all skill levels. In addition to the manufacturing portion of our facility, there is also a retail store where standard model bats are displayed and available for purchase. Players can also choose to stop by our facility to try our bats in our batting cages to make sure the size and model is exactly what they are looking for.

Bat Making Team Experience

There is special connection among the players on every baseball team. What happens off the field is a lot of times just as memorable as what happens on it. In this vein, Powerbull Bat Company offers a unique experience for youth baseball teams to come to our facility and learn about what it takes to make a baseball bat. Our craftsmen will teach the players and their families about the types of wood we use, the factors we look for in the wood, the equipment we use to fabricate bats and then allow players to select their billets and see their bat(s) made right in front of their eyes. We’ll tailor each session to each specific team. Preorders can be made or bats will be made during the session and picked up the following week when the paint is dry.

Cost for the Bat Making Team Experience session starts at $950 and includes 10 bats and one team Fungo for the coach. Additional bats purchased during these session are sold at a 15% discount. Team Bat Experience sessions are booked a minimum of 14 days in advance and require a deposit. Please allow for 2-4 hours depending on the size of the team. Teams are also allowed to utilize the batting cages in the facility during the team outing. Free parking is available.


It is the painstaking details that make Powerbull Bats the most sought after emerging brand in wooden baseball bats. This attention to detail is maintained until the final labels are placed on each bat.

At the heart of every Powerbull Bat lies years of hearty growth of the tree itself. Each Powerbull Bat starts with selecting the most exclusive wood, which is hand-split and cut into billets. Powerbull utilizes three types of wood billets: maple, ash and birch to craft our bats. All wood used to make Powerbull Bats comes from within a 300-mile radius in the Northeast part of the United States where the cold winter weather forces the trees to develop a hard, dense fiber. The vacuum-kiln dried billets manufactured for Powerbull Bats deliver the consistency needed to fabricate all types of models. The hand-split billet process is just one way to guarantee the straightest possible grain from each tree as well as our need to conform to Major League Baseball’s (MLB) strict bat specifications.

Once the bats are crafted from the billet, each bat is painted and coated sealing each bat with the strength expected from Powerbull Bats. The ink dot near the handle reveals the grain of each piece of wood used to manufacture the bat and allows us to prove each bat purchased passes the MLB grain tolerance test.

Each Powerbull Bat can be traced back to the exact billet that was used to create it. Powerbull Bat Co. grades each billet that it receives and inventories it for species, weight and slope of grain. Our craftsmen know the specific style and weight that each billet can create and we match this insight to create the perfect bat for each person that requests it.

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