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Our Story

Powerbull Bat Co. takes pride in handcrafting every wood bat that carries our logo. Just like the creature featured in our brand, Powerbull bats are known for explosive power, strength and integrity.

Since 2003, professional players and amateurs alike have turned to Powerbull Bats to deliver for them at the plate.

Powerbull Bat Company began crafting wooden baseball bats for players in Liga Mexicana in 2003. Demand quickly grew as Powerbull Bats proved to perform for the leagues top players. Soon Powerbull Bat Co. was not only recognized as one of the leading bats in the league, but also became known for its ability to craft bats specifically to each player’s desired specifications. For a professional player, the model or distinct shape, the weight, and the balance are all crucial in order for them to perform at their highest potential. Powerbull has been relied on for years to deliver on this meticulous attention to detail.

Our Founder
Powerbull Bat Co. was founded by Raul Salazar, a former player himself. Raul knows what it is like for a bat to “feel” just right. As professional players describe what they wanted in a bat, Raul inherently knows what they are talking about – we then deliver exactly what they envision. A ball player knows what this “feeling” is like. And when they pick up a Powerbull Bat, we know we’ve delivered on this promised when we see that first hint of an "evil smile" when they grab the handle for the very first time.