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It is the painstaking details that make Powerbull Bats the most sought after emerging brand in wooden baseball bats. This attention to detail is maintained until the final labels are placed on each bat.

At the heart of every Powerbull Bat lies years of hearty growth of the tree itself. Each Powerbull Bat starts with selecting the most durable wood, which is hand-split and cut into billets. Powerbull utilizes three types of wood billets: maple, birch and ash to craft our bats. All wood used to make Powerbull Bats comes from within a 300-mile radius in upstate New York where brutally cold winter weather forces the trees to develop a hard, dense fiber. The vacuum-kiln dried billets manufactured for Powerbull Bats deliver the consistency needed to fabricate all types of models. The hand-split billet process is just one way to guarantee the straightest possible grain in each billet as well as our need to conform to Major League Baseball’s (MLB) strict bat specifications.

Once the bats are crafted from the billet, each bat is painted and coated (in our propriety 4-layer process) sealing each bat with the strength expected from Powerbull Bats.  The ink dot near the handle reveals the slope of grain of each  bat and allows us to prove each bat purchased passes the MLB grain tolerance test.

Each Powerbull Bat can be traced back to the exact billet that was used to create it. Powerbull Bat Co. grades each billet that it receives and inventories it for species, weight and slope of grain. Our craftsmen know the specific style and weight that each billet can create and we match this insight to create the perfect bat for each person that requests it.