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Powerbull Bat Co. has all the popular time tested bat models available for purchase in a variety of colors and finishes. Powerbull has also created a variety of its own models that are also available. Select the model, wood species (maple, birch or ash), length, color and gloss finish (standard) or matte finish from the selection below.

Traditional Models

110     medium barrel, thick handle, traditional knob

243     x-large barrel, medium handle, tapered knob

271     medium barrel, medium handle, tapered knob

141     medium barrel, thicker handle, traditional knob


Popular Models

I13      x-large barrel, medium handle, slight tapered smaller knob

AP5     large barrel, sharp tapered transition to medium handle, tapered knob

C4        long large barrel, medium handle, slight taper knob

OA1     large long barrel, thick handle, tapered knob

757     large barrel, medium handle, extreme oversized tapered knob

174     large long barrel, medium handle , large long tapered knob


Powerbull Exclusive Models

FC33  large barrel, medium handle, slightly longer tapered knob – Well balanced

915 (named after our home town area code) Large barrel, thin handle, traditional knob

T28 (named after Texas, the 28th state) large barrel, thin handle, tapered knob

DR10 large barrel, thicker handle, larger tapered knob

S20 large long barrel, thick handle, slightly tapered knob (End loaded)

JC3 X large barrel, thick handle, flat distinct flat knob

KG95 – XL barrel, medium handle and distinct tapered round knob

TF11 medium barrel, long transition to thicker handle, small slightly tapered knob

JR23 large long barrel, medium/large handle and slightly tapered knob


Youth Bats

All youth bats (32” and smaller) are fabricated with a balanced bat structure based on the classic M110 model –medium barrel and traditional handle.